Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the sun sets on our sojournings

Turks are warm and welcoming people, and likewise our time in Istanbul has been sunny and sweet. It's also been characterized by our awareness of tomorrow's imminent transition. We are, admittedly, a little burnt out on the backpack life, but nonetheless we maintain a sense of bittersweet closure as we share a smoke from the water pipe on our final travel night. From east to west and back as far as the Middle East, all five of our senses have feasted on every experience between two horizons and under the sun. Tomorrow we leave Istanbul, and leave behind 107 days worth of memories worthy of reliving. We don't really leave it all behind though, for with us we carry these nuggets of life into season two as we settle down in Amman, Jordan. Getting here has definitely been half the fun, and being that we're about to "arrive", tomorrow our pilgrimage road becomes an Arab city street in a home away from home.


anjuli paschall said...

i loved talking with you guys the other day! Friday 1:00! sam and i can't wait! i love you pics- my favorite was the turkish woman reading the Koran. and i love Joe's hair cut. i don't think wanida could have done it that good :)love!

Mark Suhonen said...

well said. it's like poetry from good friends truly living an exhilarating life. satisfaction.

please be safe. we all miss you.


Melissa said...

Here's to chapter 2 and all the adventures to follow without the pack on your back. You're in my thoughts and prayers.