Wednesday, September 3, 2008

no, this is not moscow

When we purchased our round the world tickets we were given twenty flights to jump around the world at our leisure. It was perfect. After we charted out our flight plan, we discovered that we had one extra Europe leg, a bonus. Halt. Hold on. We had a problem. Both of us had very different ideas on how to spend the bonus segment. Joe was all for Zurich, Switzerland and I was pushing for beautiful Moscow, Russia. Why Moscow? Yeah, I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's a strange desire to visit the desolate and dreary over the dramatic beauties of the Swiss Alps. You'll be happy to know, Joe won.

Last Friday, we left our desert summer home, and four hours later we touched down onto a different planet. Snow covered mountains, lush green valleys, and quaint little log cabins dotted the landscape. Within minutes of our arrival we met up with our escorts (our escorts home), as we affectionately call them. The Heinrichses have made the trip over to join us for a week of re-socializing, re-engaging, and are kindly re-acquainting us with speaking in non-broken and normal paced English. They have listened to us ramble on about our stories and reminded us of all the wonderful relationships that await us at home.

I'll post pictures/captions super soon.


anjuli paschall said...

are you on a plane yet??? hurry!

Irene said...

Can't believe you'll be on this side of the world tomorrow! Many of us are waiting for your arrival!!! Safe flight you two!

Melissa said...

can't wait to hear what you thought of this place:) see you SOON!!!

Miriam Maneevone said...

What intense transitions lay ahead. We will be here to listen and enjoy and help you process your reentry to life back home. You will never see things with the same eyes with your new world perspectives. Your love and those around you will be richer and more meaningful. Transitions are sweet/sour/hot/salty as the Thai"s experience their food...balance let's us savor life.
I love you both. Love,