Wednesday, March 19, 2008

bagus bali

Yes, Bali is very bagus!! Bagus (bah-goose) means good, or great, or something like that. All we know is that we say bagus when we like something, and we like Bali. This wonderful place is worthy of more than just two blog posts, but we’ve been out and about doing everything under the sun—literally. Our faces have been lit up by a week and a half of mostly sunshine and a couple of Maneevone family friends who have treated us to more than we bargained for. Also, we admit it, we just indulged ourselves (for the first time) in an American Idol rerun of the top twelve performers that we stumbled across on tv.

About Bali, though, some highlights: We spent the first five nights here at Hotel Padma on Legian Beach, then did three nights on the north side of the island in Tulamben, and now we’re wrapping up our final three nights back at the Padma. Time to move on to Tokyo tomorrow night! The purpose of the Tulamben excursion was primarily to wrap up our open water scuba certification course. Yes, we succeeded, we can breathe underwater. In fact, Wanida has the ability to make the air in her tank last much longer than I do; having to return to the surface is always my fault. I hear it’s a gender thing though. Really, it is. Females take shallower breaths and their muscles don’t use as much oxygen. Is that true about the muscles because they’re smaller? Now I’m in trouble. Anyway, we saw a warm underwater world full of coral, big clams, lion fish, scorpion fish, eels, barracuda, and maybe a small shark. By the way, coral is not merciful, even if you scrape it by accident. My hand is only now getting over it. We’ve been to the beach many times, the pool many times, and we’ve had many food adventures—I ate a pigeon heart, for example, among other innards. We also wandered among monkeys and held a certain flying nocturnal creature. Pics? Of course!!

Many humble thanks to Yanto, Mie Khie, and their families for being the kindest of hosts to us. Very undeserved. As far as we’re concerned, bring your travel dollars to Bali—they’ll go far, and the experience is worth the mileage. Today we mark one month since we departed. Missing you all, but savoring the moments.


anjuli paschall said...

i loved talking on skype last night. It was fun to see your faces and chat a bit. I left feeling jealous :) enjoy your last day there. love you lots!

iReNeY said...

Shay would be jealous to know that you guys scuba'ed in Bali...he dreams of it...and he still hasn't convinced me to go underwater, maybe if we go to Bali someday. See you on the next

Katester said...

Pigeon heart huh? And I thought goat was pushing it! So glad you guys are having such great adventures. Can't wait for the book some day. :)

Melissa said...

beautiful! Bali is on my list, so glad you enjoyed the beach and ocean and friends! p.s. Jake and I just got back from St. Martin, no sand fleas thank goodness just a sun burn and a couple mosquito bites... but big smiles:) Miss you both heaps!

Anonymous said...

Wanida, it's me "Golf"! We were in Mrs. Young's first grade class at Glen View Elementry! Remember me? I'm watching American Idol and it's Mariah Carey theme. It reminded me of when you sang Hero over the phone for me when I was going through some tough times. I also remember you sent me a post card from Bali. It looks like you love it there. My email is Get in touch with me so we can catch up! Peace!