Wednesday, March 26, 2008

pondering on a pilgrimage

On our last night in Tokyo, we returned to the free observation deck on the 45th floor of the Municipal Government Building. Had a cup of tea. Journaled a bit. I thought I'd share some of my reflections from our "ascent".

Every now and then one must ascend to take in the view--to appreciate the reality of the surroundings and the promise of the horizon. I'm above it all, but not for long. The reality is that I'm in the thick of it, and the thickness is sweet. To descend now means to return to the deep river of addictive experience by which I've been carried away. The trouble is that rivers only flow in one direction, so to go back is an impossibility. No, I must navigate these waters, and sooner or later I must be swallowed into the sea. There are many directions in which to paddle out there. There may be fog to inhibit my sight. There may be storms and waves to rock and sway me. Alas, my Lord will bring peace, and even if my anchor is lost or my boat is flooded, I will rise to follow him as we walk on the water. Upon returning home, I will not, I cannot be the same.


Ms Moneyone said...

So nice to "chat" this morning. That crosswalk must be a full city block! Glad you are enjoying yourselves. I remember those Japanese department stores. Didn't Malina get lost in one?

Corrie said...

Thanks for sharing your reflections with us. Glad to see the world touching your souls. I imagine your souls are touching the world too. We are praying for you. Keep seeking.

Tatum said...


Matt's wife said...

you won't be the same, but will you still love us? :)