Monday, May 12, 2008

family and the french riviera

On Friday we officially welcomed (with many hugs) my dad, as the three of us now venture together through the France/Italy leg of our trip. What a treat to share such experience with someone so dear. For four nights we've been living the high life on the ritzy French Riviera, soaking up the colors of Nice, and going big by trying to mix and mingle in rich and famous Monaco and Monte Carlo. Tomorrow we don our wings again as we catch a flight and puddle jump to Italy--Rome, Sorrento, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, and a return to Rome.

As always, photos and stories are being added to our Picasa page. Hopefully you haven't missed the little pics link on the right side of this page, but just in case, click here too: pics on picasa


Hillary said...

My mom and I went to Nice when I was 10, I loved it (except for the slightly uncomfortable experience at a nude beach in my pre-teen years). You are so right about the color of the water - amazing. Thanks for sharing your trip with those of us back home, lots of love!

Melissa said...

How amazing, that was Jake and I's second choice for our honeymoon. Can't wait to hear about the ritzy life in person, for now I will soak in the photos. Enjoy Italy! That is one of my favorite places in the world:)

Tatum said...

LIVE IT UP!!! Drink LOTS of cappuccinos, eat an extra gelato for me and tell the Italians we will be back! Did you do a little gambling in Monte Carlo? They were excavating when we traveled through the french riviera.

pandamonium said...

It's a shame our dates don't match up, I'll be in Italy in about 3 weeks, DARN!

Ms Moneyone said...
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Ms Moneyone said...

Ooops I was trying to edit and deleted instead. Those pictures are amazing. It gives me a completely different take on a place I visited with 35 teenagers. I loved it then, but I love it more now.

kristy said...

you're picts are fantastic. it looks like you are achieving what you went after. and what a joy to have joe's dad for a bit! love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Since I know you guys will know who I'm referring to (my good friends in the Gulf with three cute kids and you visited them on your trip last time) and can probably totally hear their kids saying this, that you'd get a chuckle out of it.

When they were on the beach in France with their kids and a local family who had invited them to holiday with them a few years ago, they were walking down the beach and the kids expressed sorrow to their parents that there were all of these "poor people" on the beach that couldn't afford bathing suits :-)

Needless to say, particularly after the modesty in dress in the Gulf, nudity on the beach is even more of a 'culture shock' than it would be to many anyway. LOL

The rest of the holiday, whenever they went to the beach, our friends would say "poor person at 11 o'clock" (or wherever they were) to try to find an area with relatively clothed people on the beach!

I'm hoping to get back over and visit those friends before they come back for a very quick visit here later in the summer!

Anyway, just thought of that story when you shared where you were!

Praying for you daily!
Lisa (Scott's sis)

Elena said...

Just got tuned into your whole trip and lovely
'suitcase' blog! WOW. Thanks for bringing us along! I'm jealous and so happily reading every entry. I look forward to future posts!

Melody said...

I heart Nice, I remember when I was there around Christmas, they had 3 foot Christmas trees for sale along the beach.

Well where are you guys? I'm going through withdrawals!