Wednesday, May 7, 2008

finding ourselves in barcelona

Spain is a country that makes it easy to relax. One is obliged to pose the question: Do people work here? I mean, they must, because everything is open and everyone is tending to his or her shop, but it doesn't take long to realize that each and every venue is open (and open late) to facilitate the enjoyment of life. Perhaps I've managed to avoid the business districts and corporate headquarters, because my eyes have surveyed only street entertainers, corner restaurants, patio cafes, backstreet bars, local markets, and picturesque parks. What's more, my heart and soul have surrendered to slowing down, stopping by, and just being instead of doing. In that time, I ask bigger questions and think deeper thoughts, and then, suddenly, I begin to believe that I have all the answers I need. Yes, I think I'll just remain in such a state of bliss for a little while longer, then tomorrow night we'll leave for France to meet up with my dad, and French people will start getting snooty at me for being an American, and I'll get frustrated too, and I'll forget all my life answers.


anjuli paschall said...

i am so jealous!
i loved hearing your voice the other day! thanks for calling. we talked about you guys the rest of the night. miss you!

Cindi said...

I just came across your site and am loving reading about your adventures! My boyfriend and I are taking a similar trip and are leaving in one month from today!!! It doesn't look like our paths will cross, but I will enjoy reading about your times in places we'll be following shortly after you - happy travels!

Melissa said...

I totally know what you mean, I think I need to visit Spain someday.

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed your time in Spain and that it has been everything you imagined and more:)-- inspite of the long bus rides and disappointment of Alhambra. You'll just have to come back and visit (only if you come to Lisbon again too:)
Love you guys and miss you!
PS Malakai is potty trained!!!!
PPS Hope you enjoy your time in France with your dad!!

Tatum said...

I'm having a miss wanida and joe day! i'll drink my coffee and imagine sitting at a cafe in Spain with you you both