Wednesday, May 28, 2008

halfway home

100! Incredibly, it's been that many days since the two of us embarked to fulfill this life size dream. While we're halfway home--and that's a nice thought--we also continue to wonder whether we're halfway to anywhere else. You know, whether we're making progress in our spiritual, relational, and personal pursuits. We like to believe so, and in that spirit we press on in our journey of the heart. Yesterday I was inspired by the following Arab proverb: "What comes from the lips reaches the ears, but what comes from the heart reaches the heart."

Greece has been an exercise in doing very little. With views of the Mediterannean below and sunshine that doesn't stop from above, we've been soaking up a week of the hottest May here in years. We've also been writing, reading, chatting, and eating way too many gyros. Yes, there is food for the stomach and food for the soul here in the Greek islands.

As we move on to Istanbul and approach our arrival into Amman, Jordan on June 5th, we're reminded of the many who step into our world by visiting us here on our blog and keeping in touch with us. We're thankful that our family, friends, and future are never far from us.


Melissa said...

Look how much you have done in 100 days! Amazing. I just went through the photo album of you in oia and mykonos. I felt like I was walking with you,I got so excited seeing pictures of you on the balconies, eating waffles and gyros. I hope you feel well rested. Safe travels. Miss you tons!

anjuli paschall said...

you pics are sooo beautiful. breath taking! i just called sam and told him to pack his bags- we are going to Greece. love you guys! 100 days! yeah!

Jamie and James said...

Let us know if you want any tips for things to do in Istanbul! Enjoy!

Linsey Wildey said...

Joe and Wani - so fun to see and hear from you guys!! Love that Arab proverb! Linsey

Jeff said...

What an incredible experience! All your stories/pictures remind me of the wonder of travel and all the "world out there" holds.

Thanks for sharing it with all of us back here!

Enjoy and meilleurs voeux (best wishes)!

Lindsay Webdell

TomH said...

Nice 100 days!! I am glad you guys are having so much fun.